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    SMSTRIKE WOODS/RAINY | SmartStrike | 600042-1

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    The Humminbird SmartStrike Woods/Rainy Edition, Version 1 map card brings High Definition coverage for nearly all of Lake of the Woods. The detail covers all U.S and Canadian water from Big Narrows through Big Traverse & Sabaskong Bays North to Sioux Narrows and West beyond Deadbroke channel (810,000 total surveyed acres

    SmartStrike is a family of map cards that parallels the standard Humminbird LakeMaster editions. Coverage area and lake lists remain the same and both are compatible with select Humminbird models and the ONIX/ION units. The difference is that when a SmartStrike card is used in an ONIX/ION unit, it has the special capability of using the Contour Elite search functions on (and only on) any of the High Definition lake maps for that card. It's like looking into a digital crystal ball.

    SmartStrike takes you straight to the action by showing you where the fish are biting at any given moment. Based on search parameters like fish species, season, time of day, and weather conditions, the SmartStrike engine searches depth ranges, type of structure, proximity, and more to highlight areas on High Definition* lake maps where your prey is most likely to be located- before you even wet a line. Build a custom SmartStrike search and millions of data points are searched to return areas based on the criteria you choose.  No more guessing, fruitless searching, or wasted casts. Just fishing.

    With the SmartStrike map card you enjoy all of the LakeMaster features including the following:

    *SmartStrike full search functionality is exclusive to High-Definition waters only and  select Humminbird HELIX, ONIX and ION units.

    Download the lake list HERE.