The edge was only the beginning

The edge was only the beginning

Angling is in our blood. And like any serious fisherman, we're never satisfied. There's always more water to explore and bigger fish to hook. Our sonar technologies have taken fishing to the leading edge. But even that wasn't enough. We wanted it all. And that quest is leading us farther out to sea. Precise radar. Intuitive chartplotting. Integrated Autopilot. The new ION and ONIX Series go beyond state-of-the-art sonar, because your journey takes you far beyond the shore. And we're ready to outsmart, out-muscle, and outlast anything that stands between you and your next big catch. Because that's what makes us Simply. Clearly. Better.

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Adapt or be left behind. It’s the law of nature. And it’s the law of technology. Introducing the next evolution of the all-in-one system: the ONIX Series. Innovative Cross Touch meets powerful built-in sonar and exclusive TriFuel Cartography—to throw the odds squarely in your favor. From targeting your prey to charting your course to navigating treacherous waters, it does it all—effortlessly. Your move, Mother Nature.

If you’re fishing for sea monsters, it helps to have one by your side. A huge, super-bright display combines with Humminbird’s full sonar arsenal to give you a richly detailed view of the water. But powerful sonar isn’t the only thing this beast brings to your helm—thanks to a full dose of navigation and situational awareness power. With the 1100 Series™ as your wingman, weigh-in records beware.

Widen your advantage in the wild. This jaw-dropping, super-bright display boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio, making for easy, split-screen viewing of Humminbird Imaging Sonar, 2D Sonar and a full range of advanced navigation features. Talk about an invasive species. The high-definition 900 Series™—fueled by your predatory instinct—will swallow up every fish in sight.

Some anglers believe they have a sixth sense for finding fish. The rest of us need a little assistance. And that’s OK—because six senses don’t hold a candle to seven inches of HD, super-bright, fish-seeking brilliance. Especially when you also have full access to Humminbird Imaging Sonar, 2D Sonar and advanced navigation. All in all, it’s one whale of a technological advantage. And science beats hooey every time.

When screen size isn’t everything but advanced features are a must, the smart money is on the 
600 Series™. With an unbelievably clear, HD display, this incredible value delivers more options than you can shake a rod and reel at. Choose from Imaging Sonar, SwitchFire Sonar and GPS cartography. Get it on the water, and this bad boy is tough to beat. Because you don’t need to be a big fish, to put up a big fight.