Color palettes on our SI/DI color products are located in the X-Press™ Menu



The color palettes for Side Imaging and Down Imaging views are:

Blue  BlueColorPalette

Amber 1   Amber1ColorPallete

Amber 2   Amber2ColorPalette  

Brown     BrownColorPalette

Green     GreenColorPalette

Inverse   InverseColorPalette

Gray GrayColorPalette

Green/Red RedGreenColorPalette

Here is a brief video on this topic?


There are four color palettes for traditional sonar and they are located in the Sonar Menu under Sonar Colors


and they are: 


Original Palette OriginalPalette with reds(strongest), oranges, yellows, greens and light blues(weakest),


Palette 1            Palette1 which is yellows (strongest), oranges, reds, purples and black(weakest),


Palette 2            Palette2 which is yellows(strongest), greens, dark blues and black(weakest), and

Palette 3            Palette3 which is reds(strongest), oranges, yellows, greens, dark blues and black(weakest).

Here is a brief video on this topic.


We also have three Background Display colors to choose from:


Blue BackgroundBlue   


This menu can be accessed by pressing your power button one time, then press your cursor down one time to highlight Background and then press your right or left cursor to change the colors. 

Monochrome displays can be changed through the Sonar XPress™ Menu under Bottom View


and has the options of

Inverse   MonoInverse 

Structure ID®   StructureID

WhiteLine™ Whiteline

or Bottom Black  BottomBlack