In an effort to simplify the download process for individuals who own several Humminbird/Minn Kota optional add on products that are connected to their SOLIX, ONIX or ION product, we are now providing all software in one zipped file. You can own one of the below or some of them above. It is not  necessary for you to delete the files of any items you do not own.

1.    Save the zipped file to your PC  (this will most likely be saved in your Downloads folder).

2.    Once saved to your PC, right click on the file name and select Extract All.


3.    Once this dialog box appears, click on Extract, this will then begin the extraction and saving process.  Be sure to remember the destination of the file



4.    You will then have two folder with the same name, one is zipped, the other is unzipped.  Open the unzipped filed (as highlighted below). 


5.    Once you open the unzipped file, you will see files similar to the below listing (numbers will change as versions are updated). 


6.    Copy and paste all of these files to the SD card you plan to update your unit with.   You must have at least 960 MB of free space on this card. 

7.    Insert the SD card into your unit and follow your typical download instructions for your product.