No. The ONIX Series of products have sonar included. A molded IP67 waterproof transducer plug on the rear panel allows a transducer to be plugged in directly to the unit. The ONIX Series comes in four models.  Two models with Side Imaging Sonar standard and two model with traditional 2D sonar standard.  All four models are Side Imaging Sonar capable.  For the person who is not quite ready to move to Side Imaging sonar now, you can upgrade later when you are ready to make that move.  Now the only major decision you have to make is what size display do I want?  10.4" or 8.4"? 

To use an existing transducer installed on your boat, in some cases, it may be possible to obtain an adapter to convert from the existing cable to the ONIX rear panel connection. Please contact us or your local installing dealer for advice concerning the interface of existing transducers and the benefits of upgrading to enhanced sonar options.