When you purchase your ONIX or ION system from your dealer, you have the option of purchasing a chart card or cards of your choice. This ensures that you get exactly what you need and are not paying for any extra chart content that you won’t use or may possibly be out of date.  We do however include three different world base maps built in to the unit to supplement the detailed charts that you do purchase.  

Humminbird feels that providing an MFD with a large volume of charts pre-installed is not always a good value for the user, because the charts are invariably “stale” by the time they are first used by the boater. There is always a time delay from the time when a manufacturer acquires the source charts, converts them to their format, tests the charts in the system, manufactures the end equipment, delivers the finished product and when the equipment is finally sold for installation on the boat.

With the length of time involved in the manufacturing and sale process, many times when a new plotter is first turned on, the pre-loaded charts will be anywhere up to over a year old. Safe navigation is best achieved by always using the most up-to-date charts available. As a owner/customer, you can only be assured of having the latest charts when they are purchased as part of the electronics commissioning process.