1. Insert the LakeMaster card into either slot of your compatible Humminbird Fishfinder. Registration is not required. Depending on your HB model, it may be label facing right or facing left, but it won’t go in incorrectly, so don’t force it. Push until the card locks, close the cover
  2. Power up your unit. Choose simulator mode if you are indoors, cannot pick up GPS satellite reception, or are not attached to a transducer. Choose simulator mode by pressing the menu button when the Humminbird welcome screen appears (you will see “press menu for startup options” at the bottom of the screen) Highlight “simulator” and press the right arrow on the cursor button. It may take a moment to ‘boot’ up and load the map data.
  3. Bring the map view onto your screen by pressing your ‘view’ button until it displays. You will recognize it by the straight down view of a boat shaped cursor. This is different from the Bird’s Eye View, which displays a view of the horizon. Bird’s eye view does not display the LakeMaster map.