Below are some common questions and answers regarding our Ice Flasher products.

Question:  Why do the Humminbird ICE Series flashers have two cables on their transducers?

Answer:  Humminbird's transducer assembly contains both a support cable and a signal cable. The support cable hangs the transducer at the proper position in the water, and the signal cable connects the transducer to the control head. Because Johnson Outdoors believes in respecting the intellectual property of others, we specifically designed our assembly such that it would not infringe a specific patent relating to suspending an ice fishing transducer by its signal cable. For that reason, the transducer should be utilized per the instructions in the owner's manual at all times. 

Question:  Can I use my Ice Flasher on a boat in open water>

Answer:  The sonar algorithyms that have been written for these products prohibits the use on open water on a moving boat.  This product is strictly designed for stationary use.  

Question:  Can I use the transducer that comes with my ice flasher on one of my other Humminbird products like a 300, 500 or 700 series product?  

Answer:  Unfortunately you cannot. However there is an ice ducer which is designed for some of these products. It's part number is the XI 9 20. The ice ducer which comes with your Ice Flasher is part number XI 9 19.

Question:  What size battery charger comes with the ice flashers? 

Answer: The Ice 35 and Ice 45 have a 7 amp hour battery/charger and the Ice 55 has a 9 amp hour battery/charger 

Question:  What is the depth coverage?  

Answer: The 240kHz beam= 1/3 depth; the 455kHz beam = 1/6  depth 

Example:   in 30 feet of water the 240 kHz beam is reading 10 feet of bottom coverage and the 455 kHz beam is reading 5 feet of bottom coverage 

Question:  What is target separation in Zoom Mode? 

Answer:  It is 2 inches.  This is due to the shortened transmit cycle in zoom mode.

Question: What is target separation in Normal Mode? 

Answer:  2.5 inches

Question:  What is Display Separation? 

Answer:  Our Display Separation is 1/2 inch. Our Ice Flasher has 526 Segments on the display.You take the depth and divide it by the number of segments and multiply the answer by 12 to get the value in inches. If you are in 20’ of water you would calculate as follows:

(20/526) x 12 = .45. This gives you a better than ½” Display separation. If you had fewer seqments then the separation would have a higher display separation. 

Question:  What is a fiber-optic flasher display? 

Answer: We have a brushless system. There is a LED in the center of the display that feeds a fiber optic cable that is attached to the disc LED.

Question:  On the back of the unit, what is the purpose of the middle connector?

Answer: This connector is not for use by the consumer.  It is used for factory testing.