Occasionally data from our serial number data base out of our manufacturing area does not transmit cleanly to our website data base.  There is typically an easy solution to identifying the serial number that is in our data base.

The proper format for our serial numbers is either an 11 or 12 digit number format.  If the serial number begins with a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, it should be an 11 digit number.  If it starts with a 1, it should be a 12 digit number. 

If you are retrieving the serial number off of your system status screen (as shown below), it is possible that the number is incorrect on your system status screen.  In the example image, the S/N number 10021301002 is actually missing a digit.  

You can either check the serial number on the lower back of your unit, under the connectors, the number on the label will be the correct serial number.  If your unit is mounted in-dash and you are unable to see the back of your unit, you can look at the PCB S/N on the system status screen and drop three of the zeros in the middle of the PCB number. 

With this image as an example, the incorrect serial number is 10021301002 and the PCB S/N is 100213000010027.  The correct serial number is actually 10021301-0027. 


Once entering the correct number if you still have problems registering your unit, please contact us via email at service@humminbird.com or call 1-800-633-1468.