This release includes the following changes on version 6.600 for the 1198c SI, 998c SI, 898c SI, and 798ci HD SI.

  • Added 360 Imaging operation menus and capabilities
  • Added iPilotLINK operation menus and capabilities LakeMaster map coding was updated to work with i-PilotLINK     
  • Fixed an issue where SI data was scrolling at twice the intended rate
  • Fixed an issue where 2D/DI data was not in sync if 83/200 kHz mode was enabled     
  • Fixed an issue where DI Zoom was not in sync
  • Fixed SI Sensitivity issues on the 898c SI, 998c SI, 1197c SI, 1198c SI     
  • Fixed an issue where Demonstration Mode OFF would not force normal mode and a connected transducer state     
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly forcing the unit into Simulator Mode could cause the unit to restart
  • Fixed an issue where Ethernet sonar subscriptions would eventually drop off if the Control Head was booted with Sonar turned Off
  • Fixed an issue where Ethernet sonar subscriptions would eventually drop off if Sonar was turned Off and then back On multiple times within 60 seconds without a reboot
  • Fixed an Ethernet issue where the Heading Line ON/OFF setting would not be saved between restarts while subscribed to a remote AS GPS + HS Removed Universal Sonar II transducer selection option, now users should select dual beam as their selection 
  • Tweaks were made to radar functionality to fix a memory leak     
  • Fixed a bug that caused some models to sometimes skip a view when cycling through views 
  • Locked NMEA output at 4800 baud when enabled

In addition, 6.600 for the 1197c SI supports all of the above except 360 imaging capabilities and menus.

Version 6.570, 6.580 and 6.590 for the 1158c, 1158c DI, 1157c, 958c DI, 958c, 858c DI, 858c, 788ci HD DI, 788ci HD and 778c HD have also been released. The changes on these models excludes the 360 Imaging capabilities along with above mentioned SI adjustments plus a few other differences.