Prior to permanently installing the RADAR:

  • Completely review the installation manual
  • Temporarily connect the wires and run them across your boat deck before you install the wiring through any compartments, gunnel areas, tower legs or metal piping 
  • Apply power to test and verify that the Radar is operational and that the proper connections have been determined. If you have questions or need help, now is the time to call customer service for assistance.
  • Inspect and confirm the cable route from the scanner to the control head and to the power location before finalizing installation of the cable through the boat.
  • Once you have looked everything over, if you feel that you have to modify the radar cable in order to install it, please call us first!

    After testing has been successfully completed, you want to make sure to avoid routing the interconnecting cable through any areas that could cause damage to it. Look out for; 

  • Moving objects or machinery such as steering mechanisms or hydraulic cylinders
  • Exposure to chemicals, solvents, oils or greases
  • High temperature areas in the engine room or close to exhaust system parts
  • Sharp edges, protruding screw tips, fasteners or rough metal edges which could cut or damage the cable

    Note:  Physical damage of the cable is not covered under warranty.