AS 360 TM ULTREX | 360 Imaging and Related Accessories | 409350-1

    If the front of your boat is your prime fishing turf, mount up.  The NEW Ultrex 360 Bow-Mount gives you a 360-degree, detail-rich view of the water-with you standing literally in the middle of your sonar return as you troll.  So you'll be at the center of the action without becoming the center of attention. 

    For use only on Minn Kota's Ultrex Trolling Motor.  ​

    What's Included:

    • Ultrex Bow-Mount 360 Imaging with 8 foot power cable and ethernet cable attached
    • 20 foot Ethernet Cable
    • 3 foot power cable adapter for quick disconnect
    • Easy to remove mounting bracket
    • GPS Receiver with Heading Sensor

    Bow Assembly Length:  39 inches

    Weight:  7 lbs

    Mounting Bracket: Anodized Aluminum


    What's not Included:

    Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor



    AS 360 TM ULTREX
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