Items Needed: SD Card and SD Card Reader

Please read carefully before proceeding.   

If you have a product within our 300 - 1100 or HELIX Series, we highly recommend that you  RESTORE  the defaults on your unit BEFORE you perform any software update.  Make sure that you use a blank  SD or Micro Card that has no other Humminbird software or files loaded to it.  We recommend a card  that is 32GB or less.  We also suggest that you disconnect any advanced accessories from the unit (i.e. Weathersense, Interlink, Cannonlink, etc) before proceeding.  The exceptions to this would be if you have the MinnKota iPilot Link or the Humminbird 360 Imaging attached.  Both of these items need to be connected to the unit in order to update their software which is done via Ethernet.     

How to Restore Defaults:   

With the unit powered on, Press the MENU button twice to the main menu on the system. Then you press the RIGHT cursor until you get to the SETUP menu tab. Once you have reached the SETUP menu tab, use the DOWN cursor until you reach RESTORE DEFAULTS, you will then press the RIGHT cursor key to restore the defaults. To confirm press RIGHT cursor again. 

To update with an SD CARD   

1. If you have previously registered your Humminbird unit, log into your account on  in the  My Humminbird  page.  If you have not previously registered, please do so now

2. We recommend that i-Pilot Link Owners also read this additional  FAQ   before beginning.  

3. On the My Equipment page you will see an image of your product, a   Description  column which includes Model name, Serial # and Purchase date.  An Available Downloads  column which typically includes HumminbirdPC and the software for the Humminbird units you have registered.  In the unlikely event that your product image or model number does not match the product you have registered, immediately contact us  and do not proceed until we have resolved this issue for you.  HumminbirdPC is a program which can be downloaded to your computer to help you manage your waypoints and routes, rename them or convert waypoints from another brand locator.  For further details see our FAQ on this product.  

4.  Click on the Download which contains the model name of the product you want to update.

5. You will then get a download dialogue box which provides you with a link to an FAQ relative to changes involved in this download or a description of the update if it is a minor change. It also lists the prerequisites for the Download and a link to these instructions.  We highly recommend that you read these instructions thoroughly before you continue this process.  After thoroughly reading these instructions, you can return to the Download dialogue box and click on Download.   The software files are in a .bin format.  You will not be able to open these files, they should only be saved.     

6. You will need to select to save this file to the SD Card. (The SD card may be listed as a removable disk, removable storage drive, SD).  Do not modify the name of the file, then click on SAVE.

7. After the Download Complete dialog box appears - click CLOSE

8. Remove the SD Card from the card reader.   After removing the SD card from the reader and before powering on the unit, we recommend that you disconnect any Advanced Accessories connected to the unit.  This might include a GPS receiver, Interlink, Cannonlink, etc.  Also remove any SD or micro cards already inserted on your unit.  

9.  POWER ON YOUR UNIT , allow the unit to go through the complete start up BEFORE  pressing any buttons or selecting any menu options.Afterthe unit has completed the loading process and you have clicked through the warnings and information, place the SD card in the unit. 

10. You will get a message on the unit saying SOFTWARE NUMBER  "123" is higher than your current "120" software do you want to update?, Press the Right Cursor to Confirm.

11. Another message will then appear saying do you want to ABORT, press the Left Cursor to NO  at this time and the software update will begin. DO NOT POWER OFF THE UNIT DURING THIS TIME.  If you loose power to the unit during the software upgrade process, it is very likely that the unit will need to be returned to the factory for updating. 

Once the update is complete the unit will restart and say current SOFTWARE NUMBER  "123" installed, no update required. It is now safe to remove the SD Card, and power off the unit.

12.  Once you have updated the software on the unit, we suggest that you add back your advanced accessories.  If you have an Interlink, we suggest that you first connect to unit 1, power on the unit and allow it to update the software on your Interlink.  After this you may reconnect the remaining advanced accessories.  

Here is a short video on this subject