There are various reasons that a unit could reboot.  

If your unit goes into a reboot state immediately after pressing the EXIT button to leave the Navigation Disclaimer Screen, it is possible that your unit has corrupt navigation data.  If you have been using your product with the i-Pilot Link system and this started happening after software version 7.460 or 7.590 was installed in your unit, you will need to follow the below instructions.  

Please read and familiarize yourself with the following steps before starting this procedure on your unit.  It is imperative that there is no interruption of power during this operation.

  1. You will need your unit, and a reformatted  or clean SD card.  Save software version 7.650 to your SD card.  Note: The version of the update on the card must be different than the version currently on your unit.  Tip: You may want to put both version 7.650 and the last version of code you have on file onto the card so you can be sure to have the best chance to reprogram the unit in one trip to the boat.  
  2. Place the card into the Left Card Slot but do NOT completely engage it into the unit yet.  Tip: Leave the door open.
  3. Turn the unit on by pressing the ‘Power’ key.
  4. Press the ‘Menu’ key when prompted to do so on the Splash Screen where the unit’s model number is displayed then manually enter ‘Normal Mode’ by using the cursor to highlight Normal if it is not already highlighted.  Then press the right cursor.  
  5. This will take you to the Navigation Disclaimer Screen.  At this point, DO NOT PRESS THE ‘EXIT’ KEY!
  6. Fully engage the card into the Left Slot by pressing it until it clicks.
  7. The Green Programming Dialog box should appear on top of the HB Navigation Disclaimer Screen which ultimately (last line) asks the you if you want to ‘replace current SW version v7.460  on your unit with the SW version v7.650 on the SD card?  Answer ‘YES’ to this question by pressing the right arrow key ‘>’ on the 4-way thumb pad. 
  8. The Red Programming Dialog box should then appear which asks if you would like to abort the programming process.  You should select ‘NO’ to this question by pressing the left cursor ‘<’on the 4-way thumb pad

    The unit should begin updating its SW with the version of SW on the SD card.  You will see the following screens interchanging.  Do not press any buttons.  Allow the unit to complete the software update.  

UpdatingSoftware  LeavePowerOn

The unit will automatically reboot after the update process is complete and should be restored to normal operation by this update procedure.  Occasionally during our testing processes, the unit has rebooted instead of starting the update.  If this happens, you need to repeat steps 2 – 8 until it succeeds or it becomes obvious that your unit will not take the update.  If several attempts fail, there may be a timing issue.  You will generally have about 60 seconds on a NVR issue soft-bricked unit to initiate the update while on the HB Navigation Disclaimer Screen - hence the tips to familiarize yourself with the instructions and to pre-place the card in the left card reader.

If difficulties persist, you may be experiencing a similar, but non-NVR issue.  We have tested this about 100 times and we have not had any NVR issue units ultimately fail to update OR go from their soft-bricked state to a worse state – like a hard-bricked state.  We’ve never had to attempt this final procedure more than twice during testing today before getting a particular unit to update from the soft-bricked state.  If it is not the soft brick NVR issue, you will need to send your unit in for service once you have confirmed that your unit is getting sufficient power.