Recommended for all units without a MMC Slot  

Minimum Requirements/Computer Specifications

  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0 sp6/2000pro/XP Home/XP Pro/7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • 32 MB Ram  
  • 20 MB Free Disk Space  
  • Pentium or Celeron processor  
  • An available 9-pin serial port or USB port  
  • Monitor capable of running 800x600 or higher  
  • Must have a unit from our Matrix, 300, 500, 600 or 700 Series of products

Download HumminbirdPC   

  • Log into the My Humminbird section at and register your unit.  
  • Download the correct Humminbird PC (HumminbirdPC for Windows 95 or HumminbirdPC for 98 and above)  
  • Save the executable file to your Desktop  
  • Switch to your Desktop and double click on the HumminbirdPC.exe file to install  
  • Click on the SETUP button when the extractor dialog box pops up  
  • The installer wizard will pop up and click NEXT  
  • Select the Installation Folder - leave folder as is and click NEXT  
  • Confirm the Installation - click NEXT  
  • A bar will progress across the screen showing the progress of the installation  
  • Installation is Complete Message - click CLOSE  

Accessories Needed  

AS PC3 Accessory Kit (not recommended for any 800, 900, 1100, ONIX or ION Series Products).  Kit includes

  • PC Connection Cable with a USB connection  
  • 18 volt power cable w/ 8 AA batteries (not included)  
  • PC connect accessory manual  

Downloading the Software for Updating the Unit

  1. Log in to My Humminbird   
  2. On the MY EQUIPMENT tab AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS appears to the right of the picture of your unit. Click on the software with the name of your unit listed.  
  3. A description of the new features in the update appears.  Click on the Download box below the instructions  
  4. A File Download box will pop up - Click SAVE and indicate where to save the software update file to your computer so that you can retrieve it on a future step.  
  5. The Download Complete dialog box will appear - click CLOSE  

Connection to your PC

  1. Plug the USB connector into the computer  
  2. Plug the Accessory connector into the unit  
  3. Attach the power cable to the new 8 AA batteries on the AS PC3 but DO NOT PLUG THE POWER CABLE INTO THE UNIT YET  

Using Humminbird PC   

  1. Be sure your unit is connected to the computer, but do not power on the unit at this point  
  2. On your task bar go to  START> PROGRAMS>HUMMINBIRDPC.  This will start the HumminbirdPC program.  
  3. After Humminbird PC loads connect the power cable to the unit and power on your unit.  
  4. On the Humminbird PC program you will then see an icon of a unit. Click on the icon of the unit.  
  5. You will then see a Yellow oval with a blue circle arrow , click on the oval icon
  6. Humminbird PC will then start the Humminbird Software Update Wizard.
  7. You will then click on next to proceed. Your unit name and serial number will then appear on the screen. You will then click on Browse and then click on the update file (unit_name.bin file) that you have saved to your pc and click on open. This will prepare the file to be transferred into you unit.
  8. Then click on next to proceed with the software update, the update will then start. Once the software update is complete the unit will reboot itself. DO NOT POWER OFF THE UNIT DURING THE UPDATE.