There is more than one way in which you can determine the software version or serial number of your Humminbird unit. The method you would use may be model dependent.   

1.  The easiest method is to turn your unit on.  After the unit has stopped loading, press the menu button for start up options. Using your four way cursor button, scroll down and select System Status using the right cursor.  This will pull up a screen showing the Software Version number in the middle of the screen.  On this same screen you will see your unit serial number.  If checking for software version, once you have completed this step, you can compare this version number to either our list of current software versions for all products or go to the Software Download section of our site.  

     System Status Screen

Watch a  short video   on this method.


2.  Connect your Humminbird software upgradeable unit to a PC loaded with HumminbirdPC software (available through the Software Download section of My Humminbird) and access the "Get Unit Profile" feature of the HumminbirdPC program to display the "Software Information"

3.  Your serial number is also located on the back of your unit, near the connectors or on the bottom of the unit front housing.  This too is model dependent.