Affected Models

Version 7.650  
1199ci HD SI1159ci HD DI1159ci HD XD1159ci HD
999ci HD SI959ci HD DI959ci HD XD959ci HD
899ci HD SI859ci HD DI859ci HD XD859ci HD
Version 7.660  
1158c DI1158c XD1158c 
958c HD DI958c HD XD958c HD 
958c DI958c XD958c 
858c HD DI858c HD XD858c HD 
858c DI858c XD858c 
Version 7.670  
1198c SI998c HD SI998c SI 
898c HD SI898c SI  
Version 7.680  
798ci HD SI788ci HD DI788ci HD XD788ci HD


New Features


General Fixes

Targeted bug fixes to address Tracks, Waypoints and Route (TWR) data corruption in the non-volatile ram memory.  Software now ignores this type of invalid TWR data and will not save nor propogate this type of invalid TWR data.