Models Affected:

  • 1159ci HD, 1159ci HD SI, 1159ci HD XD, 1199ci HD SI
  • 959ci HD, 959ci HD DI, 959ci HD XD, 999ci HD SI
  • 859ci HD, 859ci HD DI, 859ci HD XD, 899ci HD SI

New Features:

  • Added support for Lakemaster PLUS cartography with aerial imagery
  • Added support for Jigging Mode* in the Side Imaging (SI) units.
  • Added support for i-Pilot Link 2.5 features, which include:
    • Show Routes
    • Move/Copy iTracks
    • Prop Auto-on
    • BackTrack Distance

General Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where boat icon would spin 360 if you crossed from 359 to 0 or from 0 to 359
  • Fixed issue where DI units were still pinging 455kHz Down Imaging when on a 360 view.
  • Fixed issue where changing a number of DI settings was causing hot returns to be drawn black.
  • This only occurred on Down Imaging views.
  • Fixed blended beam FishID.
  • Fixed issue where the sonar tab still had an Imaging Frequency option when 360 was selected as ADV source.
  • Fixed issue where Custom Chart Layers menu option was not being removed when a LakeMaster card was inserted.

*Jigging Mode - this is a selection in the 2D Sonar Express Menu.  It allows the user to select the sonar ping pattern for use while vertical jigging.  When turned ON the ping pattern will be:  200 kHz, Left SI Beam, Right SI Beam, 83 kHz, repeat.  With this mode turned OFF the ping pattern will be:  200 kHz, Left SI Beam, Right SI Beam, 83 kHz, Left SI Beam, Right SI Beam, repeat.    Basically this feature prioritizes the 2D beam over the SI beam.