General Fixes

  • Removes NMEA0183 functionality when i-Pilot Link is connected
  • Corrects issues caused when user follows the contour while recording an iTrack and AutoPilot is turned on.
  • Corrects issue where iTracks were not being deleted from all units on the network
  • Corrects POS mode allowing Chart/Side Combo view to now be seen

New Features

  • Adds support for AutoChart PC and Zeroline SD cards*
  • Adds sonar sharing features where the 999ci HD SI transducer on the network can be shared with a non SI  (X)X59ci HD (2014) product through the Network Source Set Up Adv. tab.   It also allows SI units to subscribe to dedicated DI.  Both units must have software version 6.900 or higher. For details on what can be shared, see the attached chart at the bottom of this page that is printable as a PDF.  

Model specific changes

Added Navionics Platinum+ compatibility to the 899ci HD SI.  This feature will also be added to the 859ci HD DI, 859ci HD and 859ci HD XD.  

*This feature is now available on earlier HD versions of the 800, 900 and 1100 Series.  



Sonar Sharing Grid

Attached is a PDF of the sonar sharing options available.  This can be printed.  


This FAQ was modified on June 20, 2014