360 works best for seeing targets, rocks, reefs, etc so you know where to cast.  It also works well for following big pods of bait fish. 

To get a better 360 image for spotting fish, you might find the below settings helpful

Set the 360 speed on low (1-2 on SOLIX, HELIX calls it "Fine" or "Fine/Fast").  This is the speed the transducer rotates.  If you use a quick refresh rate and use high speed, you lose a lot of quality.  You should also: 

- Turn Sharpness on Medium or possibly High
- Play with your contrast and sensitivity.  Typically lower sensitivity values (2-6) and higher contrast (11-15) work best.

360 shows fish the best when they are in the water column.  In the water column they'll stand out against the black color.  Across the bottom it can be tougher unless you adjust the settings.