I seems to be having problems updating my iPilot Link Remote and Controller. Do you have any suggestions?

Software can be very version sensitive.  While we still recommend the instructions given in the Software Instructions under the MyHumminbird section of our site, some deviations ma

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What is included in software versions 7.650, 7.660, 7.670, 7.680?

Affected Models

Version 7.650  
1199ci HD SI1159ci HD DI1159ci HD XD1159ci HD
999ci HD SI959ci HD DI959ci HD XD959ci HD
899ci HD SI859ci HD DI859ci HD XD859ci HD
Version 7.660  

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What should I do if my unit continuously reboots?

There are various reasons that a unit could reboot.  

If your unit goes into a reboot state immediately after pressing the EXIT button to leave the Navigation Disclaimer Screen, it

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What is included in Software Version 7.600?

Affected Models:

798ci HD SI                  788ci HD DI                  788ci HD                      788ci HD XD


New Features:

  • Added support for Humminbird Lakemaster Plus ca

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What is included in Software version 2.300?

Before you can update to 2.300, you must have previously updated your unit to 2.000.  If you have a version of software on your unit that is older than 2.000, version 2.000 can als

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What is included in software version 7.590?


859ci HD Combo 859ci HD DI Combo 859ci HD XD Combo
899ci HD SI Combo959ci HD Combo 959ci HD DI Combo 
959ci HD XD Combo999ci HD SI Combo 1159ci HD Combo
1159ci HD DI Co

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What was included in iPilot Link software version 2.150?

This release is required for use with Humminbird products at software release 6.900 or higher.  Additionally, the software on the Link remote must be at software release 2.040 or h

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What is included in Humminbird 360 Imaging software version 2.030?

This version of software was released to support use of 360 Imaging with ONIX and ION products using software version 2.000.  The extension of this software is .upd for compatabili

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What is included in Humminbird Sonar Modules software version 1.280?

Affected Modules:



Added support for dual element/dual channel manually configured Airmar 50/20 Transducers (50/200 Dual Mode)

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What is included in HumminbirdPC software version 4.4.6?

New Features:


Added support for the following Humminbird products?

398ci SI
678c HD
678c HD DI
678c HD XD
688ci HD
688ci HD DI
688ci HD XD
698ci HD SI
859ci HD
859ci HD DI
859ci HD XD

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