How do I see satellites images with LakeMaster Plus on an ONIX or ION unit?

  1. You would need to be using a LakeMaster Plus card with an Onix or Ion unit running software 2.300 or higher.
  2. You will need to make sure you are on an HD lake in order to see the sat

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I am trying to download the ChartSelect download tool to my MAC and it states that my account login email and/or password are incorrect, what should I do?

Some Mac OS X configurations may have Parental Controls or Gatekeeper settings that block use of the ChartSelect download tool. You may need to click the Apple icon | System Prefer

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What is the best way to store my Radar?

Our radars are spec'd for operating temperatures of -25°C to +55°C with storage temperatures upto +75°C.  Humidity rating of 93% +/-3% at +40°C.

If the radar is stored at temperatur

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Does Humminbird offer a program for Pro Staff?

 At Humminbird, our Pro Staff partners play an important role in our success. Please see this link  for additional details.  

Does RAM manufacture any mounts to work with HELIX and ONIX products?

We recommend the following RAM mounts for our HELIX and ONIX products

(Note that the C-Size is recommended but the D-Size will also work.)
C-Size 1.5” Ball

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Where can I find current and previous SmartStrike Lake Lists and Versions?

Right here.  Just select the Edition and Version below.

Dakota / Nebraska Edition
Version 1


Great Lakes Edition (MI / IN / OH / KY / TN)
Version 1


Great Plains Edition (IA / IL / KS /

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I seems to be having problems updating my iPilot Link Remote and Controller. Do you have any suggestions?

Software can be very version sensitive.  While we still recommend the instructions given in the Software Instructions under the MyHumminbird section of our site, some deviations ma

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I have lost my AutoChart activation Code. How can I find it?

There are a couple of options.

  1. If you previously registered your AutoChart or AutoChart Pro to your MyHumminbird Account, this information should be included in your MyEquipment sec

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What Humminbird products are compatible with Minn Kota's US2 Sonar?

For the current list of compatible products please click below. 



What is included in software versions 7.650, 7.660, 7.670, 7.680?

Affected Models

Version 7.650  
1199ci HD SI1159ci HD DI1159ci HD XD1159ci HD
999ci HD SI959ci HD DI959ci HD XD959ci HD
899ci HD SI859ci HD DI859ci HD XD859ci HD
Version 7.660  

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