How do I convert Lowrance Version 5 waypoints to Humminbird .gpx waypoints?

In order to perform this conversion, you must use a third party GPS conversion platform called GPS Visualizer .  We have no association with this website.

Below are the instructio

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What i-Pilot Link Bluetooth features are supported by the various Humminbird product series?

These features do vary based on Humminbird product that you own.  See the below chart for each feature available.  If you are not getting these features on your Humminbird product,

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What changes were included in Software Version 1.440 for the Humminbird Sonar Modules?

Affected Modules:

General Fixes:
Fixed an issue where Sonar Modules would not remember that Max Depth was set to Auto between restarts.  Previously, if Max

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What changes were included in Software Version 2.100 for AutoChart Pro and AutoChart Standard?

Key Features:

One of the biggest features of this software update is that it allows AutoChart PC to record and map new Vegetation and Bottom Hardness mapping functions available in

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Which adapter and extension cables should I use for MEGA Side Imaging?


With the introduction of MEGA Side Imaging in the HELIX G2N and SOLIX Series, a number of new accessories are now available to transmit MEGA Imaging signals. Customers upgrading

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What changes were included in Software Version 3.000?

Affected Models:

  • ONIX 10ci SI
  • ONIX 10ci
  • ONIX 10ci SI NT
  • ONIX 10ci NT
  • ONIX 8ci SI
  • ONIX 8ci
  • ONIX 8ci SI NT
  • ONIX 8ci NT
  • All ONIX CP (Chartplotter) 
  •  ION 12
  • ION 10


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I am networking a CHIRP sonar product with a non-CHIRP product and I am unable to share sonar. What should I do?

CHIRP products will not share CHIRP sonar with non-CHIRP products in our 700 HD/800/900/100 Series of products.  

Make sure both units are on the most recent version of software a

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How do I download Zero Line data and other charts from ChartSelect onto an SD Card?


- A downloadable chart for your Humminbird chartplotter purchased via ChartSelect.
- A blank 32GB SD or Micro card with SD adapter. (Please note all downloaded data

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How do I back up my maps and FishSmart data?

- You can back up the FishSmart app and downloaded maps to the iCloud Data Backup by enabling them under device settings. 

Go To: 
Settings > Storage and i

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