What changes were included in software version 5.310?

If you own a FF597ci HD, FF597ci HD DI, FF581i, 365i or 385ci this update will include the following: 

  • Sonar Ice Fishing Feature added
  • Auxillary Temperature reading info box activat

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What changes were included in software version 5.320?

If you have a: 

  • 1197C SI
  • 997C SI

  • 5.320 includes: 

    The new Contour Mode has been added.  This Mode is part of the SI Enhance Menu in the Express Sonar Menu.


    Contour Off shows you the st

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    I just completed surveying a new area of my lake and it would not fit inside of the current custom map. What should I do?

     You will need to rename the AC Folder to AC1 and then when you click on LakeMaster update the card will update the map in the new AC folder.  

    What is the purpose of the zipped files in my MyHumminbird profile product files?


    In an effort to simplify the download process for individuals who own several Humminbird/Minn Kota optional add on products that are connected to their ONIX product, we are now pr

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    How do I use the SmartStrike?

     SmartStrike is for use in Humminbird's ONIX or ION Series only.  

    1. Insert the SmartStrike SD card into one of the two available card readers on your unit.
    2. From the Home screen, selec

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    Besides North America what other regions of the world have AutoChart or AutoChart Pro availability?

     The following regions of the world have AutoChart or AutoChart Pro availability:

    • North America
    • Europe
    • South America
    • South Africa
    • Asia
    • Australia

    To acquire charts for your local area outs

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    What languages are available on AutoChart and AutoChart Pro?

     Languages available on these two products are:

    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Swedish

    Why can't I find the tutorial on AutoChart?

    In Windows Vista and Windows 7, these files and folders are hidden.  To make them visible, following the below steps:

    Click on "Start > Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View


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    What was included in i-Pilot Link Software Version 2.070?

    v2.070 - this release is required for use with Humminbird products at software release 6.900 or higher or ONIX products

    • This supports the use of AutoChart or AutoChart Pro. 
    • This re

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    What was included in software versions 6.920 and 6.960?

    v_6.920 – 678c HD, 678c HD DI, 678c HD XD

    General Fixes

    • All DI units – adjusted scroll speed in the POS mode
    • Backlight adjusted to match other Humminbird products


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