What is included in software version 7.460

Models Affected:

  • 1159ci HD, 1159ci HD SI, 1159ci HD XD, 1199ci HD SI
  • 959ci HD, 959ci HD DI, 959ci HD XD, 999ci HD SI
  • 859ci HD, 859ci HD DI, 859ci HD XD, 899ci HD SI

New Features:

  • Added

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What is included in Software Version 2.000 for the ONIX and ION products?


This software update is extremely important to the performance of your Humminbird ONIX or I

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What changes were made on software versions 7.120, 7.300 and 7.330

These releases involved the following products and new features:

597ci HD DI – version 7.120

New Features

  • Adds support for AutoChart PC and ZeroLine Map cards

587ci, 587ci HD, 587

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I have unusual zigzag lines on my SI view, what is this?

This is a naturally occurring phenomena referred to as Multipath.  It is typically seen in shallow water.  There is nothing wrong with the sonar and there is nothing you can do to

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Is it possible to connect a Yamaha Offshore Digital outboard with Command Link directly to the Humminbird Ethernet hub to access engine information on my Onix, or do I have to set up an NMEA2000 network?

 Yes, this can be done.  You will need to have a powered NMEA2000 backbone and run the drop cable from the ONIX unit directly to the NMEA2000 backbone.  You can also do this with M

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Can I use AutoChart or AutoChart Pro if my lake is not on the Zero Line Card?

 Yes.  While the Zeroline does make the process a little easier, it is not necessary to have a zeroline to begin surveying an uncharted body of water.  

Below are three examples of

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Tell me more about the 8 hours of data for the AutoChart Live feature on ONIX and ION.

Your ONIX or ION Series product has enough memory to record up to 8 hours of data.  These 8 hours are a free trail of the AutoChart Live feature.  These files cannot be deleted onc

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What changes are included in software version 5.450?


This release affected models:  797c2, 797c2i, 798c, 798ci, 917, 957, 997.  This release includes several miscellaneous fixes not obvious to the user.       It also includes:

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How much is the 5000 hour maintenance fee for the AS 360 SSI?

Under the Maintenance section of your 360 Imaging Operations Manual, in the section Transducer Deployment System Maintenance, it states that after 5000 deployments, your AS 360 SSI

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What changes are included in software version 5.410?

This release affected models: 1198c, 1158c, 998c, 958c, 898c, 858c, 798ci HD, 788ci HD, 778c HD


Issues Fixed:

  • Ethernet capability was added for all of the above models. 
  • It also cor

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