How do I find the appropriate replacement parts for my Humminbird?

 There are a few different ways to do this.

1.  If your model is still on our website in the Products section, you can go to that model and scroll down to the Spec/Suppport section

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How do I update the software in my ONIX unit?

 If you are new to Humminbird products, the first thing you will need to do is sign up for a user account in the MyHumminbird section of our site.  


If you already have a user accou

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Can I use waypoints stored from my other Humminbird products to a ONIX or ION product?

Yes, you can use waypoints that you have created in other Humminbird products to your ONIX or ION unit.  However, to do so, you must first convert these waypoints from .hwr files t

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What is included in software versions 6.900 and 6.940

General Fixes

  • Removes NMEA0183 functionality when i-Pilot Link is connected
  • Corrects issues caused when user follows the contour while recording an iTrack and AutoPilot is turned on.

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Unserviceable Units

Unfortunately, the following Bottomline, Humminbird and Zercom models are no longer serviceable. They can no longer be serviced due to availability of parts.   If you do not see

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Which Fuel Flow Sensors work with your NMEA2000 adapter?

We do not typically recommend manufacturers but we do suggest that you visit the NMEA site for a list of certified devices and sensors.  There is a difference between NMEA 2000 com

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What is the difference between NMEA0183 vs NMEA2000 standards?

Unlike NMEA0183 devices which are basically registered by self-declaration there is a very rigid qualification process for NMEA 2000 devices, from both the software and hardware st

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In relation to i-Pilot Link where is the navigational data such as iTracks, Spot-Locks, Waypoints and routes stored?

When connected to the Humminbird, this data is stored on the Humminbird. When not connected, newly created iTracks and Spot-Locks are stored in the Link controller.

When in Follow the Contour mode, my Humminbird stops recording the Current Track. Why is that?

This is to protect the proprietary mapping data contained in the LakeMaster chip.

Will i-Pilot Link control my motor without the Humminbird connected?

Yes. However, your storage for iTracks and Spot-Locks will be limited to what can be stored in the Link controller.

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