What is the expiration date next to my purchased charts in ChartSelect?

The one year expiration is the time you have to download the product to an SD card or to your phone.  As long as you do not delete the chart off of the SD card or from your phone a

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What is Side Imaging Orientation

Select Humminbird Side Imaging models contain a menu option while in Side Imaging View that allows you to change the orientation of how your Side Imaging is displayed.  Reverse Ori

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What Satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) do Humminbird units support?

Humminbird supports WAAS and EGNOS in select Humminbird models.

  • US Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites are #1-32 - These are always used for boat positioning on chart.
  • SBAS (W

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What changes were included in Software Version 1.350?

If you own one of the affected models listed below, click on myhumminbird , log on to your account, locate the software 1.35 update and download to your unit.

Affected Models: 


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Does Autochart Live automatically compensate for tide changes?

No.  Currently the user must manually adjust the Depth Offset menu to compensate for tide changes.
If Autochart Live data is imported into Autochart PC (sold separately) tide cor

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If Autochart Live data is recorded without a ZeroLine card inserted will the data be transferred to the ZeroLine card once it is inserted?

Yes.  Data stored internally to the unit will be moved to a ZeroLine card once it is inserted.  The data is then permanently removed from internal storage.  If more data is recorde

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If my friend has a ZeroLine card can I copy Autochart Live data from my ZeroLine card to his ZeroLine card?

Yes.  Autochart Live data can be copied or merged.  Autochart Live files are stored on the ZeroLine card in the "acdata" folder.  These files can be copied to and from ZeroLine car

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Can Autochart Live data be recorded to a blank SD card?

A ZeroLine card must be used to record more than 8 hours of Autochart Live data. 

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