How do I download Zero Line data and other charts from ChartSelect onto an SD Card?


- A downloadable chart for your Humminbird chartplotter purchased via ChartSelect.
- A blank 32GB SD or Micro card with SD adapter. (Please note all downloaded data

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How do I back up my maps and FishSmart data?

- You can back up the FishSmart app and downloaded maps to the iCloud Data Backup by enabling them under device settings. 

Go To: 
Settings > Storage and i

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While in AutoChart PC I am getting Error Code 3-80004002. What does this mean?

Code 80004002 is a standard Windows Error code.   In this case, this message relates to how Windows retrieves information from the AutoChart registry to start WMI ( Windows Managem

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While in AutoChart PC I am getting Error Code 3-8008005. What does this mean?

This is a Windows problem. There is a windows service called WMI that apparently does not work on the target PC (AC uses WMI to read hardware identity). 

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While in AutoChart PC I am getting Error Code 3-80070424. What does this mean?

If there is already a copy of AutoChart (Pro) installed on the computer you must first make sure the application is not already running.  You must close any previous version of Aut

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How do I completely remove AutoChart PC from my computer?

  1. Back up C:\ProgramData\AutoChart\  This would include any recorded files, waypoints/notes, chart file indexes, color definitions, etc.  Place this copy outside of the C Drive.
  2. Unins

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What is the expiration date next to my purchased charts in ChartSelect?

The one year expiration is the time you have to download the product to an SD card or to your phone.  As long as you do not delete the chart off of the SD card or from your phone a

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What is Side Imaging Orientation

Select Humminbird Side Imaging models contain a menu option while in Side Imaging View that allows you to change the orientation of how your Side Imaging is displayed.  Reverse Ori

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What Satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) do Humminbird units support?

Humminbird supports WAAS and EGNOS in select Humminbird models.

  • US Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites are #1-32 - These are always used for boat positioning on chart.
  • SBAS (W

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