Our units recognize that a transducer is connected based on a pin in the transducer connector that provides temperature to your unit.  For transducers that do not include built in temperature, you must manually set the unit to recognize those transducers.  You will need to force the unit into Normal mode when you first power the unit on my selecting the menu button immediately when you see the model name of your unit on the title screen.  Use the four way cursor to select Normal in the Start Up Options screen.  Press the right arrow to enable the normal model for operation.  





Transducers that typically do not include temperature are those transducer models that do not end in the letter "T".  This would include ice ducers.  

In some models, this change has been moved to the set up tab.  From the set up tab, scroll down to Demonstration Mode.  From here you can make Demonstration Mode either Visible or Off.  If you select Off, this selection will be maintained until you either change it or reset your defaults.