SmartStrike is for use in Humminbird's HELIX, ONIX or ION Series only.  

Accessing SmartStrike menus from an ONIX or ION:

  1. Insert the SmartStrike SD card into one of the two available card readers on your unit.
  2. From the Home screen, select Settings.
  3. Select Chart - insure you that Humminbird has been selected in the Chart Menu.  Click on Humminbird: Chart Card Info and then select the either SD Card (1) or SD Card (2).  (1) is the top card slot and (2) is the lower card slot.  It should read:  Embedded Chart:  No   Network Chart:  No   Card Status:  Valid Card
  4. Now go back to your Home screen and select one of your chart views.  In the upper left hand corner, select Chart.  A new window will open up.  Select Info then select SmartStrike.
  5. From this menu, you start making selections regarding your fishing trip.  Example:  if you plan to fish for a specific species, select Species Search.  From the list, select the species you are fishing for today.  If you tap on the species, you want to make sure that the radial button on the right side has turned yellow.  
  6. If you are not at your lake and want to pre-set your criteria, click on Select a Lake and scroll till you find the lake your are looking for.  If you are already on your lake, this should not be necessary.  
  7. Be sure to make changes to your settings based on the conditions for that day.  Select the type of area:  Sunny, Shady.  Select your Season, Time of Day, what types of slopes you are looking for, what region of the lake, etc.  

Accessing SmartStrike menus from a HELIX product.  

1. Make sure your HELIX 9, 10 or 12 has software version 1.210 or higher.  If not, be sure to update  your software.   

Making these settings helps you in being more productive on your trip.  Enjoy and Tight Lines!