Humminbird currently offers 4 radar choices for their Radar compatible products. Our smallest radar is a 2kW Dome transceiver,  next in size is a 4kW Dome transceiver and the two largest systems are Open Arrays with 4kW transceivers. In many cases, the size of the boat will often determine which of these will be suitable based on the radar antenna size and mounting area available on the vessel. 

Having a 12in (.3m) diameter, the Humminbird 2kW Dome Radar is compact and weatherproof. It has a maximum range capability of up to 24nm and is well suited for many smaller power vessels and sailboats needing a compact navigation radar.  Due to it's lower power and resolution, the 2kW radar generally will not pick up birds like the larger Open Array radars will.  Dome radars are best suited for navigation during times of low visibility and poor weather conditions.  

With its 21 in (.5m) diameter and more powerful transmitter, the Humminbird 4kW Dome Radar has more power and resolution that its smaller 2 kW “brother”. With a maximum range capability of 36 nm, it fits well in medium sized boats and those needing a longer range radar for off-shore cruising.  
The Humminbird 4 ft. (1.2m) and 5 ft. (1.4m) Open Array Radars provide longer range performance with maximum range capability of 48nm. These larger antennas with narrower horizontal beam widths allow for better discrimination of multiple targets that are located close together. When two targets are closely located, some radars will display them as one large target echo. These high performance antennas can separate the radar returns and clearly define separate close targets. For more details, please refer to our radar specifications or contact us with your questions concerning the construction or operation of these excellent radar systems.