It is possible that your transducer support cable is not installed correctly. If the signal cable is supporting the weight of the transducer, it’s possible that the transducer could be tilted to one side.  (see image below)

 Things to consider: 

  • Make sure the signal cable has some slack so that it is not bearing the entire weight of the transducer. Also, make sure the support cable is taut so that the transducer hangs straight down.
  • Are you in a river or lake that has a current? Current will pull your jig away from the cone angle. 
  • If you are fishing deeper than 20' make sure you are using the narrow beam, not the wide beam.  
  • Make sure your transducer and jig are in the same hole. Fishing from a hole that is different than the one the transducer is located will not allow you to see the jig. 
  • Increase your sensitivity settings.

If you need additional information about this, please contact us.  

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