The digital depth is output from any Matrix, 700, 800, 900, 1100 Series unit over the NMEA interface once every second. This can be directed to a personal computer or laptop computer for real time depth recording. The AS PC 3 cable accessories are required to connect the computer to the accessory connector on the Fishing System. We recommend using Hyperterminal or Tera Term on the PC to capture the data. Hyperterminal is common on most older Windows based PC’s. Tera Term can be found on Windows XP or higher.  It can usually be found by clicking on the Start button and selecting Programs>Accessories>Communications>     

Note: The default setting for NMEA output on your Fishing System unit is OFF. To turn the NMEA output ON, press the MENU key twice to bring up the main menu system. Use the RIGHT cursor key to select the Setup tab. Use the DOWN cursor key to select the User Mode menu. Use the RIGHT cursor key to select Advanced. Use the DOWN cursor key to select the NMEA Output menu at the bottom of the list. Use the RIGHT cursor key to select ON. Use the EXIT key to exit the menu system.

These programs will capture the NMEA messages, called sentences, as they are output from the Matrix and display them on the computer screen. Hyperterminal or Tera Term can also be setup up to save the captured sentences to a text file. You can then use Microsoft Excel to read in this text file using the comma delineated input feature to separate out the depth and offset values.

Hyperterminal Instructions

Tera Term Instructions