This could happen for two reasons:

  1. When using multiple units with a single transducer or multiple transducers and the 360 Imaging Accessory.  This is Crosstalk/Noise.  

    a.  With two or more units using a single transducer the SI transducer will ping all the time.  This is because we cannot currently track which view each unit is on.  To prevent data from not appearing on a remote view when it should we ping all the beams.  To prevent noise/crosstalk between an SI transducer and a 360 Accessory the user should select the 360 as their SI/DI source ON BOTH UNITS when the 360 is deployed and use the SI Transducer as their SI/DI source when the 360 is retracted.  The user could also opt to subscribe to no SI/DI source ON BOTH UNITS while the 360 is deployed.  Turning sonar off is also a possible solution but several 360 features will not work correctly without a valid digital depth.

    b.  With two or more units using two or more different transducers the problem is mitigating multiple transducers.  If both transducers are subscribed to their local units then when a unit goes to a 360 view (assuming that the 360 is deployed) the local SI transducer will stop pinging on that single unit – the problem is that the other SI transducers on the other units continues to ping.  If both units when a 360 view then both SI transducer would stop pinging.

  2. Using a single unit with a single transducer and a 360 Accessory:

    a.  In this scenario the 360 and SI transducer will stop/start pinging when necessary.  Assuming that the 360 is deployed, while on the an SI/DI view the 360 will stop pinging.  While on a 360 view the SI transducer will stop pinging.

    b.  If the 360 is selected as the SI/DI source the 360 will stop rotating and Home if the user stays on an SI view for more than 2 seconds.  The 360 will restart rotation if the user goes to a 360 view for more than two seconds.

    The best solution is to subscribe to the 360 as their SI/DI source while using the 360 Accessory and then subscribe back to the SI transducer when they are done using 360.  

360WagonWheel1  360WagonWheel2

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